Yeong Moh Foong

Supporter / Facilitator / Youth worker

Job Coach/Trainer

Description of your role 

Provide self-advocacy training and employment support for persons with learning disabilities

Previous experience in enterprise development

Help develop “Project ImPossible”, a Social Enterprise that has a bakery, sewing and weaving, art gallery and a café that employs persons with learning disabilities. The social enterprise currently has 20 workers with learning disabilities.


Nicholas Lim

Nicholas is a person with Autism. He is 21 years old. He is currently going thru the Social Skills Transition program at United Voice. He is also attending another training at a college where he learns how to do Data-Entry. He likes to go running and swimming. He likes to meet people and make friends. He can write, speak and understands instructions. He has a difficulty expressing and communicating his thoughts.

Field of Business

Job coach has started an initial discussion with Nicholas. He is still deciding on what he wants to do.

Case Study:

Job coach has an initial discussion with Nicholas’s mom. She expresses an interest in supporting him to setup a home business in selling probiotic drinks similar to Kombucha within their community. He seems to be able to communicate with the neighbours quite well. Job coach says will talk to Nicholas to see if this is something that he will be interested in.

The job coach then had a discussion with Nicholas. He does not seem sure if he wants to setup his own business. Job coach thinks the idea of setting up his own business is from the mother. The mother is interested for him to do something to prepare him for the future. Nicholas is not sure of what he wants to do too. Job coach will continue to talk to him and see if he is ready and wants to setup his own business. The interest and the idea should come from Nicholas himself and not from the mother. He needs to have more confident to decide for himself what he wants to do.

What are your plans for the future ? 

Job Coach will further discuss with Nicholas to see what he wants to do and to gauge his interest in setting up his own business.  

He will still continue to attend the Transition program and needs to improve his confident level so he is able to express his thoughts more clearly.