among young people with disabilities

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A point of reference for entrepreneurship of people with disabilities. The portal includes information related with legislation, support initiatives, success and inspiring stories of young entrepreneurs with disability, information on news and events, training resources etc.


In the framework of the STARTUP Project we have developed an e-learning course focusing on the issue of entrepreneurship from people with disabilities. The course was organised through an e-learning platform specially adapted for this purpose which contains also tools that allow the organisation of e-youth work for the specific case of young people with disabilities.


In the framework of the STARTUP Project, three capacity building activities for the development of knowledge, skills and competencies of youth workers and the exchange of expertise between youth workers were organized in United Kingdom, on May 2019, in Malaysia on March 2020 and in Chile on April 2022. Find more about our face to face seminars here!

Promotion of entrepreneurship among young people with disabilities

The Startup Project

STARTUP project aims to empower young people with disabilities to start their own enterprise and support them to overcome all the obstacles that exist both practical and psychological. In the same time, the project aims to empower youth workers to support them in this process. In order to achieve these objectives, the project is going to organise three capacity building courses with many activities, discussions and a mentoring program in order to support the youth workers in the specific field.  Furthermore, the project is going to develop an online portal related with young entrepreneurs with disabilities with the aim to create a reference point for the whole sector. It is also going to develop an e-learning course and open educational resources in order to reach young people that because of their disability are not going to be able to participate in the presential activities. 

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Three Continents, Four Countries 

Our Partnership

Find more about the partners of the project from Chile, Malaysia, United Kingdom and Greece. 


The coordinator of the project is a non-profit organisation from Greece which focuses on the soul of this project, help people to build a life through their own projects.

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A Greek organisation with wide experience in the development and implementation of e-learning courses and open education resources. It has also a great experience in the field of European projects.

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A UK organisation specialised in the field of entrepreneurship of people with disabilities.

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A sectoral network of organisations and institutions from Chile aiming to foster the employment of young people from vulnerable target groups.

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United Voice

An advocate to reduce the isolation of people with learning disabilities and give them the tools and experience to work, socialise, and take control of their lives so they too can contribute to society.

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Quotes from the STARTUP people working to promote entepreneurship among young people with disabilities:

STARTUP aims to provide the tools and effective working practices that will enable more disabled people to explore entrepreneurship and self-employment.

By recognising the important social and economic contribution that disabled people can make, STARTUP shows its commitment to improving employment rates by bringing together a number of social engagement organisations to create an e-learning platform to inspire tomorrow’s youth workers, job coaches and facilitators.

Keith Bates

Holder of the Queens Award for Enterprise Promotion

Director of Mutually Inclusive Partnerships

United Kingdom

STARTUP project is an excellent project for the reduction of inequalities and the social inclusion of young disable people according to the Global Sustainable Goal 10 and target 10.2 aiming to their progress through the cultivation of an entrepreneurial mindset for well being and economic independence. 

Andreas Stefanidis

Co-founder and President of the Academy of Entrepreneurship

Athens, Greece

In this project we will work, so that through online training, a significant number of people in various parts of the world, acquire the tools to train microentepreneurs capable of developing initiatives that improvetheir opportunities to access the productive world, improving through it their quality of life and that of their families. No doubt, for Red Incluye, it is a great pride to be part of this initiative.

Angela Díaz Gómez

Instituto Nacional De Rehabilitacion Pedro Aguirre Cerda

Santiago, Chile 

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