Project Management Evaluation

One representative from each partner country (Malaysia, UK, Chile, and Greece) filled in the online questionnaire (using the platform of Google forms) in order to evaluate the project coordination and management of STARTUP project. The questionnaire consisted of 20 questions, mixed multiple choice and open questions. The summary of the results is as follows:

Regarding the overall management of the project, partners rated it highly, (4.25/5). According to the partners, it received a high score due to the smooth management in the face of all the problems that were created by COVID-19, which caught the project in its middle. The partners thought that the instructions during the project were clear and simple and that the change of the partner that had to be implemented (Malaysia in the place of Japan) was smooth and without problems.

The risk management of the project was also rated highly (4.25/5). Especially the COVID management and the well-placed and timed postponement ensured that all activities would be carried out smoothly. Plan B was implemented very well.

The organisation of the transnational meetings received a high score (4.5/5). The hosting organisations gave an excellent welcome to all partners. Technical support and financial explanations were provided, and the activities were enlightening and informative.

The online meetings received the same score (4.5/5). Partners were cooperative and all issues were addressed. The agendas were clear and on time.

The organisation and outcomes of the research activity received a high grade (4/5). Partners mentioned that there was a good mix of qualitative and quantitative research methodologies, the collaboration was good, and the outcomes and learning contents very good.

The organisation of the trainings got a high grade (4/5). Partners mentioned that although the time allocated to work was short given, the agenda considered different activities, the selection of topics and the way of addressing them allowed progress in the proposed purposes.

The materials and organisation of the e-learning course was rated highly (4/5). Partners mentioned that it was appropriate, as it combined text, image, video, and all resources, and that the user-friendly e-learning content was suitable for the target group.

The mentorship activity was rated with 3.5/5, as during its implementation, the need was made apparent to recruit and train mentors for people with disabilities.

The project website implementation was rated highly (4.5/5). The partners liked the layout and content, as well as the active engagement of all partners for its design and changes throughout the project.

The online portals were rated highly (4.5/5). The partners gave the feedback that the idea was implemented in an appropriate way.

In general, the partners thought that the strong points of the project were the good international cooperation and partnership, and that the value of the entrepreneurship skills for the people with disabilities in all partner countries. Last but not least, the exposure to this target group was deemed very beneficial to the partners for their future activities and work.

Regarding points for improvement, the partners mentioned that they would have liked to expand their networks more, but it was underlined that that would be more than possible in a future partnership, which all partners agreed that it would be their wish for the future.