Yeong Moh Foong

Supporter / Facilitator / Youth worker

Job Coach/Trainer

Description of your role 

Provide self-advocacy training and employment support for persons with learning disabilities

Previous experience in enterprise development

Help develop “Project ImPossible”, a Social Enterprise that has a bakery, sewing and weaving, art gallery and a café that employs persons with learning disabilities. The social enterprise currently has 20 workers with learning disabilities.


Roshan Singh

Roshan is a Slow Learner with dyslexia. He is 21 years old. He received training at Breakthru Center before coming to United Voice to get employment support. He speaks well, knows how to take public transport. Was working part time for a couple of months at Breakthru Center helping out with children there.

Field of Business

Roshan expresses an interest in opening a Sports shop as he is interests in sports. But he does not know what kind of products he wants to be selling yet.

Case Study:

Roshan has an uncle who has a sports shop for many years. After he has finish training at Breakthru Center he was looking for employment. As he is unable to get employment after 2-3 years he starting thinking if he should start his own business. Roshan also loves football. Since he thought he has an uncle who has experience with a sports shop business he will be able to learn from him.

This idea is just a thought and he has not really sat down and think about more the details yet. He has just talked to a few friends and his parents about it. He has also thought about setting up the business with a friend who has some experience doing marketing.

The job coach had a discussion to guide him to think more about this business idea. He needs to think more about the types of products he wants to sell and do more research on what kind of sports items are sellable now. 

Sitting down and discussing about the idea is good for Roshan as he is learning now that they are many things to think about and prepare before setting up a business. He now knows that there will be a job coach to guide and support him to setup a business.

What are your plans for the future ? 

Roshan has decided that he needs to get some working experience first before setting up his own business. Recently he has found employment in a retail shop which he thinks will help him gain the necessary experience. He has given himself 10 years to gain the experience.