Rehabilitemos Foundation (Red Incluye)

Rehabilitemos Foundation, was created to facilitate the social inclusion of people with disabilities, seeking to develop and support initiatives that arise in this line.

The Rehabilitemos Foundation is a non-profit organization that seeks:

• Promote the social inclusion of people in situations of disability, through the development of initiatives that allow orienting corporate social responsibility, towards the promotion of the inclusion of people with disabilities in work, study and family.

• Promote the importance of addressing disability and rehabilitation as part of the country’s health strategy.

• Generate awareness in public opinion about the importance of rehabilitation, through the construction of national and international private public networks.

The Rehabilitemos Foundation is an active member of the Inclusive Network, which is a voluntary association of organizations for people with disabilities in the Metropolitan Region of Chile, in which nearly 60 multi-sectoral institutions participate. The purpose of the Network is to promote the performance of the productive role of people with disabilities, under the perspective of law.

Its main strategy is to encourage the construction of a collaborative work, between public and private organizations, companies and the State, with the aim of helping to solve the needs of people with disabilities for the achievement of labor inclusion. Remove cultural barriers in society and the company as well as promote the development of public policies in a proactive manner.

Direct work with a company to support labour intermediation includes:

• Development of instruments to evaluate users and jobs.

• Design and execution of training on disability issues and labor inclusion for companies.

• Execution of Job Analysis

• Profile evaluations of applicants for labor inclusion

• Work monitoring visits to employees who already work in companies

• Placement of new workers with disabilities

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