Maria Tsoukala

Supporter / Facilitator / Youth worker

Youth worker-mental health professional.

Description of your role 

Via skills training and psychotherapy Supporting adolescents and young adults to get in the job market- at the phase of their rehabilitation of the therapeutic community – KETHEA STROFI.

Previous experience in enterprise development

Support ex-drug addicts to start their job(a premium given by KETHEA).



Field of Business

Young people at the phase of their drug rehabilitation are connected via education to public professional schools and universities towards finishing their studies, and/or finding a job( either as trainees in the food industry, in a family business or on a circumstantial basis as chefs or waiters). They are also supported to become autonomous and start their own social enterprise.

Support Needs

Specific skills training for the job market, psychotherapy to change their identity as non- addicted people, and people with no disability, finding funds and work environments with no stigma, training entrepreneurs, networking needs, need to learn a foreign language and to acquire a driver’s licence, use of experts (i.e. accountant, lawyer).

Case Study:


Ex-drug addicts between 18-24 years old in the rehabilitation phase of their therapeutic program become autonomous to get into the job market/start their own job/enterprise.

From the basic tenets: a. You have equal rights; b. autonomy through work; c. rehabilitation is possible only through autonomy through work.

 WELL ESTABLISHE- It used to be financially supported by the state so that people could start their own business. Now they do social cooperatives and they prefer to work in groups rather than by themselves. 

Lack of skills, foreign languages, problems with the law in order to start clean, frustration realizing that whatever you do , you cannot protect them from facing the harsh part of life, not knowing their rights, believe in themselves despite the low self-confidence due to the experiences with drugs.

“Do things for myself/Resist frustration/ commitment/hope and optimism/ taking over responsibilities/we don ‘t quit, we persevere”.

The training could take place in groups, since the youngsters of the therapeutic community feel better working in groups/ they have each other/ strong bonds/the more they are in a job, the better. They could also act as role models for the others.

What are your plans for the future ? 

Making use of all initiatives concerning start-ups/learn more about the job market in Greece/ finding new ways to support youth towards employment/ making use of relevant European Projects for skill development, networking and psychological support.