Gregory Chrysikos

Supporter / Facilitator / Youth worker

Administrative Officer-Assistant project manager, SYMPLEXIS AMKE.

Description of your role 

Human rights, social inclusion, support and empowerment of people with disabilities / vulnerable groups.

Previous experience in enterprise development

Degree in Economics

Documentary on Disability


SYMPLEXIS AMKE (as a “launching platform”)

Self-employed (development of “Cool Crips”, an Instagram page / FB page: H Aναπηρία είναι cool

Field of Business

Commentary on disability with humour to overcome stigma / sensitize people and institutions to change / modify the environment so that people with disabilities can lead a normal life / memes / content creator.

Support Needs

Different expertise / access / networking / funding / social visibility.

Case Study:

Gregory Chrysikos: Instagram page: Cool Crips / Facebook page: Disability is Cool

The need to sensitize people on issues concerning disability/ on creating “ easy” or “friendly” environments for people with disabilities so that they can live a normal life/on making apolitical statement and push the state toward constitutional changes.

The realization that there was a gap of the mental representation of people with disability on the social media.

Relatively new-needs to be supported/become known.

Employers do not believe that a person with disability can make it/Limited access and lack of facilities to everyday places/ the environment can make you disabled/social mindset/initial personal difficulties /lack of support by the government/lack of money to meet needs/ignorance and social denial.

Well-thought exercises, overcoming personal obstacles, empowerment, skills training for a work environment, change of identity, networking.

– “Life is difficult, but we do not have to continue suffering; we can make things a little bit easier for us”

– “We can all become circumstantially( i.e. breaking a leg) or permanently “ disabled”(i..e. getting old); therefore the issue of disability concerns us all

– We have to work together not only to have equal rights, but have an “equal reality” that contains us all, together. What is needed is a change in the environment so that everyone can benefit and a change in the mindset. Also a change in political decisions and climate to make the previous steps plausible.

What are your plans for the future ? 

To create more chances that people with or without disability can communicate through humour and with less guilt

Involvement in European projects

Bringing people together via humour and fun


Skills training using programs like Start-up