Cindy Lim

Supporter / Facilitator / Youth worker

Trainer for Social Thinking Transition program/ Counselor

Description of your role 

Provides transition training and also counselling support to persons with learning disabilities. Also involved in conducting training on awareness of persons with learning disabilities. The transition training program to is prepare persons with learning disabilities to be employment ready.

Previous experience in enterprise development

Involved in planning and providing support for “Project Impossible” social enterprise which hires persons with learning disabilities.


Lim Sue Ann

Sue Ann is a young adult with learning disability and has been undergoing barista training at United Voice Café. She is able to follow work instructions and is able to complete assigned tasks accordingly however she also tends to complain about her work mates. Sue Ann has gained some work experience at a kindergarten and Mydin hypermarket in the past. She has also undergone catering and housekeeping training at Cheshire Home.

Field of Business

Sue Ann came up with a few business ideas which include cafe, fruits shop, clothing store however her main idea remains as café.

Support Needs

Sue Ann has difficulty with mathematical calculation therefore she might need to consider hiring a cashier to support her. 

Case Study:

Sue Ann has been receiving positive feedback and encouragement from her barista trainer when she was undergoing the barista training program. According to Sue Ann most of her family members like to drink coffee and she would like to make coffee for them and also for people who enjoy coffee because she believes that it would give her a sense of accomplishment and contribution.

Early brainstorming stage.

Sue Ann is still quite uncertain about the idea of becoming an entrepreneur as she thinks that making new friends is more important for her at the current stage. 

Yes, under the support and facilitation module it reminded me about agreeing with the person about her own needs and the importance of activating intrinsic motivation and promote self-regulation.

What are your plans for the future ? 

She will continue her training in United Voice to prepare herself and learn how to work with others. She will need to learn:

  1. Customer service
  2. Learning to use calculator
  3. Getting familiar with prices and menu