Andy Villalba

Supporter / Facilitator / Youth worker

Start-Up Business Facilitator.

Description of your role 

Currently working as Start-Up Business Facilitator for Status Employment.


Mel Joined the “Start-Up” Entrepreneurship Program of Status Employment in October 2020 after she recovered from a Stroke. While attending the Business 101 delivered by Tree Shepherd for 5-weeks, Mel was struggling with her speech and sense of direction, however, never missed a class. Initially. Mel wanted to create a Wedding Coordinator Business and ended up building an Event Planner/Coordinator Business. After graduating from the Business 101 Course, together with the Start-Up Business Facilitator, she started building the components of her Business Plan. Mel Registered her business with Companies House and opened a Business Bank Account. With additional help from her family, Mel was able to established contracts with Caterers, Videographers, Party Accessories Specialist and Executive Cars Company to service the requirements of her Event Planner / Coordinator Business. On February 2020, Mel achieved her Business Ready Status. 

During the early week of The Lockdown, Mel got the symptoms of the Corona Virus and was bed ridden for almost a month. Fortunately, Mel recovered and started reengaging with her business and with the continued support from the “Start-Up” Business Facilitator and her family, Mel is currently Modifying/Improving her Catering Menu and other components of her Ready Business.

During our most recent Recorded Zoom Meeting, Mel clearly stated that her newly acquired business has significantly given her a stable Physical and Mental health.

A recorded video chat with the candidates are available to support this first hand observation/experience.

Field of Business

Wanting to build an Event Planner/Facilitation business.

Case Study:

All of the Candidates is on Early Trading Stage.

Understanding Fully the Candidate’s business ideas and their capacity to deliver their business ideas despite their known limitations is an exciting challenge that I have encountered in my journey as a Business Start-up Facilitator.

The Values in the E-Learning is one of the most significant tools for a facilitator in talking on this Journey:


1 To be comfortable talking about disability; manage discomfort, and negative responses

2 Learn how to deal with Frustration

3 Manage internal or external barriers that come between you and your goals

4 Form effective relationships and maintain them

5 Recognise diversity in society and the specific challenges faced by those with disabilities and what you can do to recognise and reduce some of the challenges they face.

6 Develop the humanity and courage to embrace the disabled persons dreams and pursue justice for Disabled people

7 Support disabled people in achieving their goals; learn to set clear goals to move forward

8 Learn to take that extra step; move the disabled person to a better place

What are your plans for the future ? 

Building the Business 101 Academy under The Supported Employment platform.